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Definitely a Madman with a Box
And worse than everybody's aunt
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31st-May-2030 12:00 am - Contact Post
Thumbs up!
Hello, there. I'm the Doctor, though you probably have that figured out because it's pretty difficult to dial a wrong number and get a time machine phone box's voicemail. Leave a message and I'll get back to you. Probably.
10th-Jun-2029 12:46 am - How's my driving?
Interested. Look closer.
Please leave any comments/suggestions about my Eleven here. This is my first time playing a Doctor, and my only other Whoish character has been Jack, who... is rather different from the Doctor. XD Any help/criticism/information is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I'm American, so I'm not as knowledgeable about slang terms; I'll do my best. :) I really am interested in crafting a good Eleven, so don't be shy about pointing anything out. Comments are screened.

Thank you!
21st-Jul-2010 09:56 pm - Eleven's room
Bowties are cool.

Something about it strikes me as old timey and fun at the same time, which is really him, straight up and down.

I may find pictures of the rest of the cottage he's living in, but I really kind of want to wait until more people move in before I start doing that. We'll see!

His TARDIS is in the backyard, regardless.
17th-Jun-2010 02:59 am - The universe's on crack rock
That's disgusting.


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